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Effective and professional treatments in central Copenhagen & Herning city centre

Welcome to CityFys Wellness, a universe of peace and well-being where you forget about stress and bustle for a while.

We are open when you are off

All of us know about it- the time during the weekdays is limited and most shops are closed when the working day is over. At CityFys Wellness, we are aware of our customers' challenges. Therefore, we offer long opening hours with only few closing days, so that we can help you and your sore and needy muscles, and give you that extra well-being you would not otherwise have time for.

Venteværelse i CityFys Wellness

CityFys Wellness in Copenhagen

Located in the central DGI Byen, only 3 min. from the central satation and the metro, and close to the city’s vibrant life.

CityFys Wellness in Copenhagen has entrance from ticket sales to the swimming pool in DGI Byens. Ticket sales is located right after the café and the large seating area, if you arrive via the main entrance of DGI Byen on the corner of Tietgensgade and Ingerslevsgade.

Monday - Friday 9am – 9pm (7:30pm friday)
Weekend & holidays 9am – 6pm
Venteværelse i CityFys Wellness, Herning

CityFys Wellness in Herning

Located in DGI Huset Herning, close to Herning city centre and less than 10 min. walk from the train station and shopping opportunities.

CityFys Wellness in Herning is located on the roof terrace of DGI Huset Herning, which you access via the main staircase / elevator from the main entrance and lobby. From the swimming pool and wellness department, you can also take the elevator directly up to us, without changing.

Monday - Friday 9am – 8pm
Weekend & holidays 9am – 6pm

Monday - Friday
Weekend & holidays

Wellness with more than 20 years of experience

Welcome to CityFys Wellness, a universe of peace and well-being where you forget about everyday worries, stress and hustle for a while. In the safe hands of our practitioners, we focus on the effective, professional, and last but not least relaxing treatment, in which your needs and wishes are our most important starting point in your experience.

We have treatments for everyone and many problems: massage and reflexology for the sore and tired body and top-notch well-being, physiotherapy for you with injuries and discomfort, facial treatment and wellness for you who deserve self-pampering.

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We strive for happy customers

”I have been visiting CityFys Wellness for the last 5-6 years. I am happy about the entire process. From booking of appointments; where you choose a masseur and get a reminder the day before, to the treatment itself, and sitting in the lounge afterwards with a cold glass of water and some fruit. You get the impression that everything is under control, which is important to me. I usually get a massage and is always being carried out by extremely competent and committed masseurs who take my individual needs into account. ”


”I occasionally use the swimming pool in DGI Byen, therefore, it was obvious to contact CityFys Wellness, as I got pain in the muscles in my back and neck. The same day as I called, I got an appointment for a one-hour treatment by a very competent physiotherapist. My muscles got loosen up very well and I got some exercises to use at home. Two treatments later, my discomforts were completely gone. I would love to come again - the staff are smiling, friendly and very knowledgeable.”


”The massage is a nice break during a busy week, in which I relax and get renewed energy. At the same time, accumulated tensions that easily arise during a working day when using the computer are taken care of. In addition, I have received some good advice along the way to prevent serious tensions.”


”Always a nice and competent treatment in a good setting!”