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Swedish massage, for the sore and tired body

Our absolute most popular type of massage. The Swedish massage, also known as physiurgic massage, is characterised by effective and deep massage techniques that relieve tensions in muscles and joints.

Swedish massage for you who got

  • Joint and muscle tensions
  • Headache and migraine
  • Soreness in the body
  • The need for a destressing and mental break
  • Have a uniform and stationary job from which discomfort can arises
  • A physically tough job that puts pressure on the body
Online booking Copenhagen Herning Randers

Our prices in both cities

All of us know about it – our time is limited in the weekdays and most shops are closed once the workdays comes to an end. At CityFys Wellness we are aware of our customers’ issues and challenges.

That is why we offer long opening hours with only few closing days so that we can help you and your sore body and give you that extra indulgence you deserve during busy days.


30 min. 320 DKK

45 min. 475 DKK

60 min. 625 DKK

90 min. 890 DKK


30 min. 290 DKK

45 min. 430 DKK

60 min. 530 DKK

90 min. 790 DKK

*The treatment includes undressing and dressing

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage, which is also known as a physiurgic massage, is an in-depth muscle massage where the masseuse work from the origin of the muscles to its insertion, which relieves the tensions. The massage is, furthermore, a wonderful mental break where you can destress and get going with renewed energy.

The Swedish massage is our most popular massage in our two clinics in Copenhagen and Herning and is a good and effective massage for most people with and without specific issues.

The reasons to muscle- and joint tensions are many but we experience people who work in offices, work with repeating movements and with physically hard work to be some of those with the most cases of discomfort and pain in the body.
Other reasons can also result from a bad night’s sleep, an inappropriate movement, playing sport etc.

Massage is not only good to relieve tensions, but massage also has a number of benefits including improved blood circulation, release of accumulated waste products and a positive impact on your mental health.

Online booking Copenhagen Herning Randers

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