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Find answers to your questions amongst our frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Before the treatment, maybe for the very first time, you might have some question to how the treatment proceeds, how the body might react after the treatment, good advices and much more. We have, therefore, compiled some of the most frequently asked question below.

Precautions regarding Covid-19

As a CityFys Wellness customer we kindly ask you to take the following precautions

  1. For all treatments you need to show a negative covid-test (maximum 72 hours old/corona-pas)
  2. You need to wear a facemask or visor to/from the treatment.
  3. You need to be free of symptoms in at least 2 days. No one in your household or your close circle of friends can be sick.
  4. Sanitize/wash your hands prior to your arrival in the treatment room.
  5. If using your own sheet/towel, please bring these newly washed for each treatment.
  6. For more information on guidance and instructions, we refer to the Danish Health Authorities

Where do I find CityFys Wellness?

You find our two clinics in Copenhagen and Herning.


In Copenhagen you will find our clinic in DGI Byen, right across the central station.
The clinic is located inside DGI Byen, above the swimming pool with entrance from the ticket sales of swimming pool.

Read more about the clinic here


In Herning toy find our clinic in DGI Huset Herning, behind the walking street.
The clinic is located on the roof terrace, which you reach from the main staircase / elevator from the main entrance.

Read more about the clinic here

Can I park by the clinic?

In Copenhagen you can park in DGI Byen’s car park on Tietgensgade and in the surrounding area.

In Herning parking is available in front og DGI Huset Herning and in the surrounding area.

* Please note the parking rules that apply for the areas.

What should I bring to my treatment?

If you are a private customer, you only need to bring your good mood.
Are you paying with a gift certificate, please bring it to the practitioner.

If you are a business customer / Gross salary customer, you need to bring your own towel if this is stated in the contract. Towels can be rented for DKK 30.00 kr. per person.

Are there bathing facilities in the clinic?

Unfortunately, we do not have bathing facilities in the clinics.

In extraordinary circumstances, we might be able to accommodate this in our clinic in DGI Byen in Copenhagen. Please call our customer service for inquires.

Good to know prior to treatment

  • We advise you to arrive well in advance so you can relax and lower the heat rate before the treatment starts.
  • We also advise to switch the phone to silence mode or lower the ringtone for your own and others’ comfort.
  • Our clinics are smoke-free zones.
  • We do not advise to drink alcohol prior to your treatment.
  • Please let us know about any medical conditions prior to your treatment; pregnancy, allergies in oils and cremes etc.

Can my body react to massage?

After your massage, the body needs to recover, therefore, we recommend taking a little break with some water in our waiting area or wellness room before you continue your day.

Since the massage relieve muscles and joint tensions and stimulates the blood circulation, the body can in some cases release some natural reactions during the following days, reaction like headache, tiredness and soreness in the muscles.

Why is massage and other types of treatments good?

Massage but also physiotherapy and reflexology are good for the body since the treatment acts as preventive and treating measures of discomfort and injuries, which can be worsen or lead to chronic conditions, if not treated.

Massage is also good for the soul that can be destressing and good to alleviate depression and stress.

Does Sygeforsikring Danmark provide grants for treatments in CityFys Wellness?

Sygeforsikring Danmark provides grants for physiotherapy without medical referral.

Grants are provided for the first consultation of 45 min. incl. 5 min. record-keeping.
The following “normal treatments” are granted 30 min. incl. 5 min. record-keeping.

Sygeforsikring Danmark does only provide grants to one “first consultation” during the course of treatment for the same illness. Grants are only provided for one treatment per day.

Can I make use of my healthcare insurance in CityFys Wellness?

If your healthcare insurance has specifically approved our clinic or that you have been granted to choose whichever clinic you like by the insurance company to treat your illness, injuries, discomfort etc., we will gladly welcome you at our clinics.
Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance company cover your expenses at CityFys Wellness.

Our procedures at CityFys Wellness is firstly, that you pay the treatment yourself. Secondly, write to inquire a formal receipt for the treatment, which we will email you. You can forward the receipt to your insurance company for payment of your expenses.

Can I use my Smartbox gift certificate at CityFys Wellness?

You can check whether your Smartbox can be used at CityFys Wellness on Smartbox’ homepage:

In the top menu search the name of your Smartbox and click into it.
Under the tab “se destinationer” search for CityFys Wellness. Does CityFys Wellness appear on the map you can use the Smartbox in our clinics.
Get to know what treatment you can receive for the Smartbox, click on the CityFys Wellness clinic you wish to get the treatment at.

Firstly, register your Smartbox on Smartbox’ home page, secondly you can book your treatment at CityFys Wellness by finding your Smartbox in our online booking system or by calling our customer service.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for CityFys Wellness?

Yes, you can buy gift certificates for our clinics easy and secure online.

In DGI Huset Herning you can buy our gift certificate in the reception by the main entrance.

In DGI Byen in Copenhagen you can under normal circumstances buy our gift certificates in the ticket sales to the swimming pool, but due to renovation of the swimming pool gift certificates for our clinic in DGI Byen can only be bought online.

Our gift certificates are valid in 2 years from the date of purchase.

What is the difference between Swedish-, wellness-and sport massage?

In CityFys Wellness we distinguish between different types of massage to ensure you will receive the treatment you wish.

  • The wellness massage is characterized by long strokes and relieving grip-techniques in a calming pace.
  • The Swedish massage is a combination of relieving grip-techniques and a in-deep massage of the muscle tissue.
  • The sport massage is a type of massage that is aimed at those who wish a sport-related massage. The focus is on gaining a high blood circulation, combined with a deep tissue massage.

How is the couples massage carried out?

A couples massage is for 2 persons, no matter civil status.
Both of you will receive massage at the same time, in the same room and each of you has a masseuse available – hence, there will be two masseuses present during the whole treatment.

The booked duration of the couples massage, e.g. couples massage 60 min. means that each of you will receive 60 min. massage at the same time – it is equivalent to 2 x 60 min. individual massage.

Can my child receive massage?

Your child can easily receive massage if the child wants it. Our masseuse will of course tailor the massage to your child, so it becomes a nice and comfortable experience.

Can I combine my visit in the swimming pool with a treatment in CityFys Wellness?

You can easily combine a swim and wellness in the swimming pool in both DGI Byen in Copenhagen and in DGI Huset Herning. Both our clinics are located adjacent to the swimming pool.
In DGI Byen you can walk directly form the locker rooms to our clinic above the swimming pool.
In DGI Huset Herning you can easy and convenient take the elevator from the wellness area and swimming pool directly to our clinic on the roof terrace.

If you wish to combine your visit, we kindly ask you to book your treatment in advance online or by phone to CityFys Wellness. Unfortunately, we do not have staffed receptions in our clinics, and we do not want you to visit us in vain.
If you visit us firstly and wish to make use of the swimming pool afterwards, please buy your entrance ticket to the swimming pool in the ticket sale before your treatment.

Cancellation and no-show

If you are forced to cancel or move your appointment, we kindly ask you to call us 24 hours prior to your appointment(s).
When you call us, we will be helpful in cancelling or move your appointment.

If you do not show up to your appointment, we unfortunately, must change 70% of the price of the treatment(s), since our practitioners have been waiting for you during the scheduled appointment.

Do you still have questions?

Please contact us for help.