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Pregnancy massage, where we take extra care of you and your pregnancy

The pregnancy massage is for you who is pregnant but still wants a comfortable and relaxing massage, which releases tensions and discomfort. We use a special designed massage table or pregnancy pillow so that you lie comfortable during the massage.

Massagebriks med rullede håndklæder

Pregnancy massage is for you who

  • Is pregnant but still wants a comfortable and effective massage
  • Has pain and discomfort due to the pregnancy
  • Symptoms of pelvic discharge
  • Wants to stimulate and improve the immune system
  • Wants self-indulgence
Online booking Copenhagen Herning Randers

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All of us know about it – our time is limited in the weekdays and most shops are closed once the workdays comes to an end. At CityFys Wellness we are aware of our customers’ issues and challenges.

That is why we offer long opening hours with only few closing days so that we can help you and your sore body and give you that extra indulgence you deserve during busy days.


30 min. 320 DKK

45 min. 475 DKK

60 min. 625 DKK

90 min. 890 DKK


30 min. 290 DKK

45 min. 430 DKK

60 min. 530 DKK

90 min. 790 DKK

*The treatment includes undressing and dressing

Pregnancy massage

Even though you are pregnant, is massage for pregnant still a wonderful experience and good for your body. During a pregnancy, many different physical changes happens to the body. Therefore, it is especially important to remember to take care of your body. The body is working overtime due to the changes that happens in the body.

You might experience swellings in the legs, headache, pressure on the body due to increased weight and pain and discomfort in your lower back. Luckily, massage has a positive effect on these and other discomforts, while you at the same time get some well-deserved indulgence. The pregnancy massage is an oil-based massage that focuses on the different areas that need attention.

The pregnancy massage must of course be comfortable experience. Therefore, you will in a pregnancy massage receive treatment on a specially designed massage table or pillow for pregnant with a hole for the stomach and bosom.

Online booking Copenhagen Herning Randers

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