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Discount on massage every Tuesday

Every Tuesday, all year we offer massage at a discounted price. A Tuesday massage is a Swedish-, wellness- or couples massage as you know it.

Our prices on Tuesday massage

All of us know about it – our time is limited in the weekdays and most shops are closed once the workdays comes to an end. At CityFys Wellness we are aware of our customers’ issues and challenges.

That is why we offer long opening hours with only few closing days so that we can help you and your sore body and give you that extra indulgence you deserve during busy days.


30 min. kr. 285,-

45 min. kr. 425,-

60 min. kr. 560,-

90 min. kr. 820,-


30 min. kr. 250,-

45 min. kr. 400,-

60 min. kr. 495,-

90 min. kr. 742,-

*The treatment includes undressing and dressing

Offers every Tuesday

Yes you read that right. Every Tuesday, all year round we offer our most popular massage at a discounted price. You might wonder why we do so? Quite simple we want to give everyone the opportunity to be relieved from muscle tensions, headache or just receive a relaxing and destressing break. From a health professional perspective, it is for our all best that we take care of our soul and body – after all it needs to last for many years.

A Tuesday massage is a swedish-, wellness- or couples massage, just like you know it. We have not cut back on the professionalism of the masseuses, their competencies or the service you get – it is just massage at a good price!

When you book at Tuesday massage, you and the masseuse will clarify wishes and needs and if the massage is intended as a Physiurgic- or wellness-based massage. Do you want to book Tuesday massage for 2 persons? Please remember to book “couples Tuesday massage” (Par tirsdagsmassage).

Online booking Copenhagen Herning Randers

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