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About CityFys

CityFys Wellness is a part of the healthcare organisation CityFys A/S where we have since our beginning in 1999 worked towards better health in the Danish society. CityFys A/S consists of 3 health areas: CityFys Wellness, CityFys Healthcare and CityFys Workcare.

En gruppe af kvinder til spa-arrangement

CityFys Wellness

CityFys Wellness offers treatments in DGI Byen in Copenhagen and DGI Huset Herning and is thus a part of the wide range of activities in the two sport and culture houses.

Kvinde kigger op mens hun bliver masseret på ryggen

CityFys Healthcare

CityFys Healthcare consists of a nation-wide team of professional masseuse, physiotherapists and reflexologists who work on more than 110 company treatments schemes across of all industry areas. Daily we help hundreds of employees with discomfort and injuries, a result from long working days and stress and rush in the everyday life.

Konsulent i arbejdsmiljø viser korrekt siddestilling

CityFys Workcare

In CityFys Workcare we hold lectures, courses and supervise in work environment and health at the workplace. Our health professionals consisting of physiotherapists, nurses and dietarians work on improving the ergonomics, physical and mental well-being and the overall strategic health on Danish workplaces.

More than 20 years of experience in treatment at Danish workplaces and consultancy in work environment

Our more than 20 years of experience in the business segment, has made CityFys to one of the largest and most experienced players within healthcare solutions in Denmark.
This knowledge and experience is used actively in our two clinics, which help us to improve our competencies across the entire organisation.